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The company owes its success to the people we work with!

Efficiency is for the most part defined by willingness of employees to take initiative when solving their tasks that are getting more and more complicated.

Our Company pays great attention to improvement of competence and motivation level of the staff. There are implemented annual improvement programs and number of employees who got through the training increases. Among our partners are the best Russian and foreign specialized training centers such as Neft Service Holding (Lukoil), KCA Deutag, Bosh Rexroth, Mobil Rig Service, Caterpillar and so on.

Besides, we cooperate with universities proposing paid-off practical studying for students and opportunity for future employment for the most talented ones who seek their mission in oil business.

Welfare system includes voluntary health insurance, support for young families in terms of helping obtain place to live in by allotting credit and paying interest for mortgage.

Also, our employees have gyms, swimming pools, and play grounds for volleyball and other games at their service. For several years Drilling Systems has been sponsoring youth tournament under International Tennis Federation. The company has its football team “Burovik” successfully participating in away games.


Nikolay Chebotnikov,
Workshop Manager, 30 y.o.

Why do I work in Drilling Systems?

    I have been working in Drilling Systems for 9 years. I like my job because:

  • I practice an interesting profession;
  • My salary is adequate and corresponds to salary level in our industry. Remuneration of labor is regularly revised and depends on my progress;
  • I constantly develop through additional training, improving professional skills, and increasing my knowledge at the Company expense;
  • For me individual plan of career growth is prepared;
  • The Company provides all the social guarantees under Legislation.