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Drilling Systems LLC is an independent drilling contractor established in 2005.

Our business is construction of exploratory and producing oil and gas wells including all the drilling process. We have our own fleet of drilling units. Process Department of the company relies upon sections of Directional and Horizontal Drilling, circulating mud and slurry, kitted laboratory, and squeezing equipment and rig up shop. Our company is one of the few Russian contractors capable of sidetracking operations. Sidetracks require use of mobile drilling units arranged as per customer requirements, and the number of such units available in Russia is still small.

Consistent investments into upgrade of our tools and equipment are making us able to ensure high quality of our fleet. We have 10 drilling rigs of different capacity, represented by mobile, blocks and cluster units. Depending on project requirements a rig is equipped with Top Drive, enclosed circulating system with four stage mud conditioning system, high power triplex pumps, etc. Drilling Systems LLC is carrying out non-destructive examination of equipment and drill pipes, and wields the license for NDE service. Field support base and yard have all the required up-to-date logistics tools, with railway arranged with full process train, an airport and federal highway are located in close proximity as well.

In order to ensure efficiency and safety of our activities, DS operates a specialized world-class software and communication hub that is able to transmit online data from rig sites.

Intellectual and process potential of the company allows for implementation of any type of projects related to turnkey well construction, which, including process services under same ceiling, construes reliable platform for rendering complex services and solutions for our clients. Our company consists of 650 persons. We are proud that we partner up with the leading Russian operators such as Lukoil, Rosneft, Irkutsk Oil Company, Russneft and others.

The Company is a member of Russian and International Association of Drilling Contractors. We participate in international oil and gas forums on the annual basis, and have Certificate issued by the RF Commercial Chamber for registration amongst reliable business partners.


From well to well.

Drilling Systems has been operating the fleet of 10 drilling crews. Technical equipment consists of more than 100 units. The enterprise counts 650 employees.

DS specialists, amongst the first ones in Russia, implemented horizontal well construction technologies. They have drilling experience all over the Russia and abroad.

Moving from well to well our team performs consistently good result.