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On the development stage, our specialists work closely with designing organizations trying to build up drilling program.

Process Department of Drilling Systems utilizes licensed software for engineered drilling calculations and modeling well scenarios.

Having applied knowledge on geological factors, available experience, and existing technologies and after many-times well construction on paper, we implement the best possible well construction algorithm.

Our specialists wield experience working with major part of up-to-date drilling processes and technologies:

  • Directional Drilling;
  • Drilling Multilateral Wells;
  • Sidetracking (directional and horizontal liners) using whipstocks or milling through casing;
  • Cementing jobs on directional and horizontal wells using different equipment (including packers, collar cementing devices, stage cementing etc.);
  • Applying different mud systems with water and HC base in order to preserve reservoir quality and ensure borehole stability;
  • Lost circulation control including cross-sectional shutters;
  • Horizontal well completion using multi-zone Frac jobs equipment, including selective ones.


Sergey Polyakov,
Executive Officer

Knowledge, innovation and teamwork are the foundation of our company.

Intellectual and technical potential of the company allows the implementation of projects of any complexity.

Our technology services provide a reliable platform to offer the customers integrated services and solutions related to the well construction under turn key conditions.