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How it all began.

The history of the whole oil industry in Udmurtia can’t be looked at without the history of Udmurtneft organized upon order by the USSR Oil Ministry dated August 1967. The entity «Drilling Systems» sources from Izhevsk UBR (Drilling Services Department of Udmurtneft), the one that in the beginning of '90th was separated from Udmurtneft into independent Udmurtneft-Bureniye, and, starting from that date, rendered well construction services not only in Udmurtia but outside as well. Even then more than 25 different oil companies were amongst our clients throughout Russia.

Starting from 2000th part of the specialists headed by R.T.Shaikhutdinov, General Manager, together with fellow colleagues from RITEK Oil Company established «Pervaya natsionalnaya burovaya kompaniya» JSC, whose successor after 5 years turned into «Drilling Systems» LLC. The key personnel of the new independent organization were highly competent employees and managers of the mentioned entities, providing more than 20 years of experience for new company, which was the main competitive advantage of the newly established entity and helped gain trust of customers.

DS specialists, amongst the first ones in Russia, implemented horizontal well construction technologies. In different years and in different teams they worked in West and East Siberia, Republic of Komi, Volga & Ural region (Udmurtia, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Perm region, Ulianovsk, Samara and Orenburg regions), in Kazakhstan. They united and gained the major competitive advantage, i.e. rich operation experience, high competence level and technical leadership in the market.