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Sustainable development for our company implies combination of long-term economic growth and careful attitude towards environment and global trends.

No doubt, construction of wells is accompanied with inevitable manmade impact on environment. Extent of environment pollution depends on application of technology, degree of equipment perfection and personnel qualification. We try to minimize environment affect by use of advanced technologies in wells construction, up-to-date equipment and cleaning devices.

Low toxic substances of the 4th danger class are used as mud chemicals. Used drilling mud is recycled to drill new wells. In pit-free drilling a 4-stage cleaning with shale shakers, descanters and desilters is applied, together with installed 2nd centrifuge and flocculation unit.


Basic provisions on Company ecological policy:
  • Preservation and rational using of natural resources;
  • Ensuring ecological safety on all operations facilities of the company;
  • Reducing risks of emergencies.

Drilling Systems has no administrative claim or penalty for breach in the nature protection legislation from supervisory authorities!