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Просмотров: 3051 | Дата: 25.12.2017

In the framework of the drilling services for  Tomskneft  VNK (daily rate project), Drilling Systems Company set the record on daily drilling, which amounted to 1011 meters.

Просмотров: 3154 | Дата: 27.11.2017

LLC "Drilling systems" ahead of schedule has completed the drilling of small-diameter wells in the West field of LLC "LUKOIL-Perm" in 2017. Achieved commercial speed of drilling – 3332 m/ rig month.

Просмотров: 2869 | Дата: 27.11.2017

LLC "Drilling systems" continues the process of modernization the rigs' fleet. Submitted request for the purchase of 2 mobile drilling rigs TZJ-40 in Ch ... Читать дальше »

Просмотров: 857 | Дата: 27.11.2017

LLC "Drilling systems" recognized as the winner in the tender on reconstruction the wells by sidetracking in the fields of LLC "LUKOIL-Komi" for the period of 2017-2019. The Company has began the mobilization of  mobile drilling rig TZJ-30 on Uzhno-Lyzhskoe  field.

Просмотров: 1032 | Дата: 31.07.2017

LLC "Drilling systems" has been recognized as the winner in the tender of "LUKOIL-Komi" at Lachjelskoje oilfield.There is a Mobilization of 2 drilling rigs TZJ-30 and BU-2500.

Просмотров: 1005 | Дата: 10.05.2017

Drilling Systems Company has passed ISO certification. It certifies that safety management system and occupational health in relation to the provision of services mounting/dismantling of drilling rigs, for the construction and overhaul production and exploration of oil and gas wells complies with the requirements of GOST R 54934-2012/OHSAS 18001:2007 and GOST 12.0.230-2007. Environmental management system in relation to the same services complies with the requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001:2004) .

Просмотров: 892 | Дата: 14.03.2017

BS Drilling crews have successfully drilled the sidetrack and began to drill the new one at Yaraktinskoe oilfield. The Customer is “ Irkutsk oil company".  

Просмотров: 868 | Дата: 31.01.2017

LLC "Drilling systems" was awarded with the drilling contact in the tender for "Execution of works on drilling wells Vasyugan district, Strezhevoy region, KHMAO. The Customer is JSC ... Читать дальше »

Просмотров: 780 | Дата: 31.01.2017

LLC "Drilling systems" has been recognized as the winner in the tender "Drilling under daily rate terms in the fields of JSC "RITEK" TPP "RITEK-Samara-Nafta". ... Читать дальше »

Просмотров: 842 | Дата: 31.01.2017

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